2019 Bug Bus



Decorated Armoir

Taz's Adventures, Book 1

Mtn. Express Wildflower Bus 2018 


In 2018 I was commissioned by Mtn. Express to paint one of the new public busses for their fleet of hand painted busses. It was my pleasure to create a rolling mural depicting the local wildflowers. the following year I was chosen to paint another bus for the fleet, the "Bug Bus"


AWEsome Deck of Cards

Wedding Chuppah

Nordic Gnomes Booklets 2018

The Crested Butte Nordic center asked me to create characters and stories for Norbert, Wicket, and Smuggles, the "Nordic Gnomes" that would be made into booklets to accompany each of the Gnome dolls sold in their gift store. Not often do I have the pleasure of embracing childhood fascinations for a story line and illustrations! I giggled to my self as I conjured up each character.


The illustrations were watercolored then inked with a brush pen. The cursive writing, which gave the stories a homey, casual feel, were written with a fountain pen using pigment ink.


KBUT Mural 2017

This commission was to create a Wedding Chuppah for the bride and groom using their favorite quote and reflecting the fall setting for the ceremony. I chose to use a spiral design for the quote with painted fall leaves bordering the design. The effect was light and flowing. I used acrylic paint, chisel edged brushes on treated linen fabric. Size 6'x 6'

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KBUT Zombie Prom Backdrop

I was awarded a Creative Grant from the Crested Butte Creative District to create ta mural in the entry way of the local radio station. I focused the theme on and old victrola playing a vinyl recording of  Van Morrison as an homage to KBUT's history. Along the adjoining side notable, signature sign-ons and sign-offs of the many Volunteer KBUT DJs were written out in various calligraphis styles. The mural was created using acrylic paints, and brush lettering.

  As a fundraiser for the newly organized Artists of the West Elks (now ACB) and the organizations first president I spearheaded the AWEsome deck of cards. Gathering some 25 different artists the deck featured original artwork by the artist to portray a unique deck of cards. 

  I invited local artist to sign up for the individual playing card to illustrate on a first come basis, while offering a handful of playing cards to local businesses to be sponsors of. The number of  

sponsored cards, of which were created by artists, matched the printing and shipping charges to have the cards printed. I donated my time and skills into the graphics and organization of this project. 

  A themed card game night event kicked off the debut of the AWEsome Deck of Cards. The cards were then sold through retail shops in the area creating a sustained, ongoing fundraiser for Artists of the West Elks.

                       Taz's Adventures, Book 1 was a wonderful commission I was asked to create for Taz's first birthday. Taz's Aunt wrote this charming account of her niece's birth.

       Taz's Adventures  provided so many elements at my disposal to make it a unique keepsake book. Being nearly a year old, Taz had outgrown many of her baby clothes. By dismantling a couple outfits, and recontructing them, I created a personal, memoir book jacket. A zippered, footed onesie was utilized to close the jacket, and an adorable floral patterned dress with a pocket (that now houses a stuffed toy) became the front cover.

           For the interior of the book, I chose an accordion style layout to allow the illustrations to flow from page to page. I wanted the illustrations to be playful, with touches of details. I began with pencil sketches, then added broad strokes of color for the different elements, keeping the watercolor loose and flowing. Then adding details using black ink with line brush work. The story was then calligraphed onto the pages using a chisel edged nib with ink. I finalized the book with a simple binding for the beginning of the book and end, which are secured by ribbon closures. The book fits snuggly into the custom jacket constructed from Taz's repurposed baby clothes.

           This project was infinitely fulfilling to me on so many levels. It was visual, three dimensional, tactile, and converyed a personal story. I was honored to have been entrusted to create this keepsake.

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