Alpine Botanicals

A Summer Day on the Alpine Tundra 

      Traveling in the land above the trees in the Southern Rockies offers spectacular vistas, a test of physical fitness, and the sense of achievement from reaching lofty summits. But some of the most astonishing views in the alpine tundra are not the distant snowy crags and glittering glacial lakes, but the ones you can find peering through a magnifying lens while on your belly. This portfolio of botanical illustrations by Lian Canty was refined from sketches and photographs made during the summer of 2015, when she dedicated time every week to hiking above tree line. The aim of this collection is to inspire others to look more closely when they travel in the alpine tundra, and to share an artist’s perspective of the unique flora that calls these magnificent places home.-Katherine Darrow

11"x14" prints available, $50 each

      I spent the summer of 2015 hiking into the alpine tundra with botanist Vinnie Rossignol. With Vinnie's expert guidance we located these hardy wildflowers that grow above timberline. Once located, these wildflowers were documented with photographs, sketches, and an herbarium created by Vinnie.Throughout the following year I painted, using watercolors, 24 of the many alpine wildflowers found in Southwestern Colorado. This collection showcases the robust but diminutive flora found on high peaks and along ridge lines throughout the Rocky Mountains. To accompany each print, botanist Katherine Darrow, author of Wild About Wildflowers, has provided botanical information for each flower.

      Relish in the beauty of the alpine presented through this exceptional botanical collection.

-Lian Canty

Alpine Botanical Collection

Edition of 25

Folio set of all 24 prints $900.

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Alpine Botanical Originals Available

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