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Hello and Welcome!

                                                                  Hello and Welcome!

      I am a freelance artist who specializes in murals, wildflower botanicals, calligraphy, and illustrations. As you can see my artwork is rather varied. I enjoy immersing myself in everything from wildflowers to calligraphy. You may notice that I will often combine my interests artistically.
      I love working in different mediums depending upon my mood or the artwork intended. Large, involved projects such as murals or celebration pieces allow me to feel the depth and breadth of what I create. This is what feeds me creatively and spiritually.
Commissioned projects are particularly gratifying for me as I love the opportunity to get to know each client, collaborate with them and learn as to how my artwork can enhance their lives forever. As a curious and reflective person, my artwork is somewhat a snapshot of my inner being. My artwork provides me the outlet to express myself where words can fail.
      Thank you for your interest in my artwork. If you have an inquiry, custom request, or if you find something that you like and would like to purchase a piece of artwork, please send me a note via the message form below.

       I am excited to share my artwork with you.


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