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"Song of Grace"
Kiltz Family 2019

Through a fellow artist, I was introduced to John and Erin Kiltz who commissioned me to create a memorial piece of artwork after the passing of their daughter Rebekah Grace Kiltz who inspired BiG Foundation in Georgetown, Texas.

Using the sympathy cards they received I cut the sympathy cards into small squares, separated the squares by color, and reassembled them, somewhat like a mosaic.  

Grace is represented by the larger than life sunflower overlooking her family members who are also flowers growing below her.

Each element in the design has dimension and depth adding to the drama of the piece.


DesCognet poster 3.jpg
"Genealogia des Cognets"

My good friend and client brought a family heirloom book to me seeking advice of how to repair and preserve the book. She also shared the significance of the book with me, which dated back to 1946 and had been created by a family member  who chronicled her family's history in France through sketches, memoirs, including the family crests as they evolved over time. Somehow she wanted to share this information and history with the current descendants of this historical article. I proposed creating a composite of the sketched family crests surrounded by architectural sketches in the book from scans of the original drawings. In this fashion she could have copies made of the composite to share with her family members, while keeping the book intact. She embraced this vision! Ultimately the composite measured 16"x20". Using a small print company there were 25 copies made of the composite for the family members as a holiday gifts.

Chuppah 1_edited_edited.jpg
Wedding Chuppah

The Bridesmaid of this wedding commissioned me to create a wedding Chuppah for her best friend's nuptials incorporating Maya Angelou's poem "Touched by an Angel" and using an autumnal design to reflect the wedding's fall date.

I used a chisel edged brush and acrylic paint for the calligraphy as well as the leaf motif on fine linen fabric, 6'x6'. 

"Honestly Jackson"
Reimer Family, 2020

"Honestly Jackson" was created to honor the memory of Jackson Reamer for his family. The Family asked me to memorialize his spirit using the sympathy cards sent to them after his death, similar to "Amazing Grace". Through the process of developing a design with the families input, I grew to realize that this piece would be equally a memorial celebrating Jackson's life as well as a healing process for his family. 

Finished size 28" x 36".

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