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Alphabet Menagerie

    The idea of "Alphabet Menagerie" was a pet project of mine to illustrate the letters of the alphabet with inspiration from a “Tree People” series I created years earlier. The collection evolved into a collaboration that also included the writing community of the Crested Butte area. Visually, this alliterated alphabet excites children of all ages with its imagery, lavish details, and vibrant colors, created using brush and ink work, and watercolors. Equally as colorful are the stories, vignettes, and poems written by area writers and poets who were invited to bring the letters to life. I have published this collection of stories and poems with the alphabet as “Alphabet Menagerie: The Crested Butte Debut.”


Each alphabet letter is available as an 11"x14" print for $38.

Hard cover, full color,  9"x 12" "Alphabet Menagerie, the Crested Butte Debut" books are $48, 

"Alphabet Menagerie, a Coloring Book for the Inquisitive" $24.

Albatross to Zygote,

with wonderful words in between. And that is only the beginning of fantastical discoveries in Lian Canty's Alphabet Menagerie, Tales From the Trees. Poems, essays, and touching stories wrap around sensuous tree pictures. An alliterate adventure for young and old. Drink it all in! Then go back for seconds.

-Sandra Cortner, author of

Crested Butte Stories... Through My Lens

This collection of illustrations and writings allows you to take a fantastical whimsical journey, right now, wherever you are...What fun!

-Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, poet

Placerville, Colorado

   "Every tree grows as much below ground as above; roots spread deep into the earth and as wide as the crown. Just as there is far more to a tree than we can see, there is more to every being, whether it is a rock or a raccoon, a river, or a rose. Roots like these are embedded in the words and lore we use to describe Earth and her creatures. Thus, it is fitting that trees are used to represent letters of the alphabet in this whimsical collection of creatures, plants, human inventions, and celestial features.

    Alphabet Menagerie: a Coloring Book for the Inquisitive is an abecedarium, meant to inspire you to explore even deeper into language, geography, culture, and natural history. Each item’s description is just a teaser, a tidbit of information about the animal or object in the picture, for which there is so much more to learn."

-Katherine Darrow Alphabet Menagerie, a Coloring Book for the Inquisitive

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