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Wildflower Botanicals

 Thank you for enjoying my new limited edition prints of “Suni’s Summer” and “Alpine Meadow”!


Creating them both was a labor of love and an expression of gratitude. The summer that inspired “Suni’s Summer” was the last summer that I had the pleasure of hiking with my long-term companion Suni, who was a 9 pound Rat Terrier. Throughout her life she accompanied me on every short or epic hike to seek out amazing wildflowers to paint. Her last summer, though her health was failing, she was at the door to go hiking whenever I put my hiking boots on. So, she came with, carried in a pack, insisting to get down and walk on the trails until she fell over, then contentedly smelling the wildflowers and soaking up the sunshine from the comfort of the pack. The wildflowers in “Suni’s Summer” are the flowers I painted that summer in gratitude to her love and companionship.


“Alpine Meadow” is a compilation of “Wildflower Portraits, an Alpine Botanical Collection” that I debuted at the Center for the Arts in Crested Butte in 2016 featuring 26 alpine wildflower paintings in watercolor. In the

original collection I painted the wildflowers in their native habitats which is often rocks and scree. In the compilation I wanted to focus on the brilliant colors of these tenacious wildflowers. Additionally, I included Anemone narcissiflora, Silene acaudis, and Alpine Primrose  but omitted Alpine Dusty Maiden.

Alpine Botanicals

WILD Flowers

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