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Fine Art

Veiled Figures

Veiled Figures is a culmination of two of my most favorite subjects- flowers and figures.  For years I have created detailed botanical paintings and figurative paintings.  Inspiration on how to combine these two loves struck when I was  given a book of antique textile patterns.  I found the colors, patterns, and flowing floral arrangements in the book provided an unconscious platform for the emotional intent of the figures.  Using traditional oil glazing, where transparent colors are layered on top of each other, I create depth and illumination, subtly revealing the figures amoung the flowers.



Salutary Skeletons

This Salutary Skeleton Series was created as therapy during a time of change in my life.  With the concept of being totally stripped of all protection emotionally, I used the inner anatomy of the human figure as the basis for most of these paintings.  The process of creating this series gave me a voice when I didn't have one.  The colors chosen caused me cry at times and brought a sense of hope at other times.  

My wish is to inspire others to use artwork as a therapeutic tool to express themselves.

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